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THE MOST FAMOUS CURSES FOR THIS CENTURY: Tutankamon (Egypt), Kennedy (USA) and Capellan (Argentina)

September, 11th. 2010.
XXI Century starts its first five years, in October 2003 with the Curses of Esoteric Councilman Guillermo Capellan. based in the City of Salta, Argentina. Undoubtedly, the mystery surrounding Tutankhamun and the Kennedy´s Curses differs substantially to the Capellan´s as it is known worldwide because: He lives in the city of Salta and the curse continues to reap death, injury and misfortune.


The facts are recorded in February 2003, when a heterogeneous group of politicians, lawyers and businessmen in the construction and major media in the province of Salta (Argentina), headed by a judge demoted, Roberto Elio Gareca, decided to get in prison whom was the most important obstacle for dirty negociations of power. It was the municipal legislator and chairman of the Finance Commission of the City of Salta: Esoteric Councilman Guillermo Capellan. 

Ciudad de Salta - República Argentina Salta - Argentina 

Capellan was 101 days in Salta Jail accused of false rape a male aged 16 years and to regain their freedom said: "Who dit this: They will pay with tears of blood" and  named each one of them and everyone started to die for terminally ill and tragic accidents.  


Curses of an Esoteric Councilman


The death of a journalist from The Daily Tribuno of Salta, Sergio Alberto Gareca, revived the comments and speculation about the curses of former Councilman Guillermo Capellan. Many laughed at the predictions advanced on those who were in the media-political spell it and ejected him from his position as the chairman of the Finance Committee of the Community Parliament of Salta Capital.


Salta City Council

Guillermo Capellan was council member between 2001 and 2003. He was elected democratically. Tenacious opponent of the former governor of Salta Juan Carlos Romero and oligarch-conservative sector of the province known as the "sanmillanismo." In the capital's parliament Capellan was noted for his oratory and for his investigations of municipal corruption.


 Lawyer Roberto Elio Gareca

Capellan was dismissed by political and media conspiracy falsely accused of a rape of a child named Rodrigo Chavarria hired by Roberto Elio Gareca who feels extreme animosity for Capellan. When Gareca was Jugge at Criminal Justice had processed the legislature communal capital of the province to benefit the speaker Martin Federico Grande, nephew of the repressive dictatorship of Colonel Carlos Grande.


Martín Grande

Thus began the story that contains significant ingredients of alleged occultism and Guillermo Capellan is now known worldwide as the esoteric Don Zodiac Guille. Many notable figures involved in the plot that destroyed the life and political career of Councilman Salta, Argentina.



Curse 1: Rodrigo Emanuel CHAVARRIA was hired an paid by Lawyer Roberto Elio Gareca, while he was minor for false rape accusation against Councilman. The municipal legislator said then: "He (Chavarría) will pay what he did when he grows up, be an offender, for falsely reporting a crime and imprisoned for live "


Rodrigo Chavarría Rodrigo Chavarria

Efect 1: Chavarria was convicted of fraud and being with the benefit of probation made a new outrage but this time a Federal crime and is being held in the National Guard units for the crime of usurpation of titles and honors, repeated Scams (17 in total).


 Esoteric Symbol

Curse 2: "When Judge Robert Elio Gareca unfairly prosecuted me for the benefit of his friend Martin Grande businessman, I said that evil was a karma ... and must pay for what he did" 


 Compensation Law

Efect2: Gareca was dismissed from his position as judge and hired Rodrigo Chavarria, a taxi-boy that the former judge had met in the San Martin Square in Salta. Roberto Gareca, after having lived a "procedural romance with the child", the child confessed the plot and that he had been prepared by his lawyer.


Capellan´s Logo

Curse 3: Councilman Capellan was President of the Parliament's Finance Committee and investigated Communal tax debts of the brother of Mayor Alejandro San Millán, an entrepreneur known as the evader Chato San Millán (Antonio) who was a supplier of State construction materials and owner of the prosperous company Corralón El Milagro.

Corralon Miracle 

Picture of what the Company of San Millán used to be


The company of San Millán has collaborated with the City Council  and provided funds for the plot.  The esoteric mayor said, "San Millán clan will pay with tears of blood what they did to me."


Mayor Alejandro San Millán

Efect 3: The brother of Mayor (Mayor) San Millán, former businessman Antonio San Millán, broke down his company and his 16 year old son died when he was cutting the grass with a mini-tractor. He lay down and and the little tractor fell on him causing to death. The tragic Capellan´s prediction released by Pacific FM met with extreme hardness and with "tears of blood."


Curse 4: "All those involved will have their punishment, this is nothing but the consequence of a universal law governing compensation for the wicked ... time will show that all this was a conspiracy and everyone will have what it appropriate to have committed this crime against me. No matter how long it takes, I have plenty of time to view them" 


Justice comes for everyone

Effects 4:


a) The Magistrate who ordered to arrest the esoteric Council member, Judge José María Agüero Molina was removed from office for various allegations made by Capellan and his lawyer Pablo Antonio Tobío who began a jury that ended his judicial career.


Aguero Molina´s nicknamed The Count

b) The Advertising Business Julio Castillo, who was responsible for the smear national and international campaign against Guillermo Capellan, he became ill suddenly with a severe headache, was admitted and died within a few hours as a result of a brain tumor.


 Julio Castillo

c) The journalist Sergio Alberto Gareca, Chief of Police News at Tribune of Salta, will be published with headlines the details of the case file of Capellan through the articles that his brother, Roberto Elio Gareca, used o write against Esoteric Councilman, he was declared a runaway cancer and died.



Sergio Gareca

About to the journalist Martin Grande and Lawyer Gareca, the "Councilman Esoteric say:" this is the end, are the icing on the cake. "


Case Capellan shocked the nation. A dense fog covering doubts record and there is always an "outsider" revive the cause in the Daily Tribune of Salta, then something happens to one of the suspected plot guys.


Ex Labour Minister Nora Giménez

When Nora Gimenez used to be President of the Council, prompted the ejection of Councilman Esoteric. Gimenez lost the election by a landslide when run for "mayor / Intendant" of Salta. Capellan predicted that Miguel Angel ISA would win the elections, so he won. 


Miguel Angel ISA

Gimenez had to resign as Minister of Labour of Salta and left during the campaign his candidacy for National Representative, in September 2009, seeking to be re-elected as provincial legislator so she failed. She could also be involved in cash missing from foundations money that she would have spent in her political campaigns.

Nora Gimenez was humiliated and reviled

Currently, no longer taken as a joke its predictions, about his legal situation, Guillermo Capellan said: "They will do everything to take me to court but I am calm, this was a plot and there is no trial ..." Recently, Judge Fernando Perez Martin raised the case to trial and the IVth Criminal Appeals nullified the proceedings because the magistrate was wrong again.

Judge Fernando Martin Perez

 Minister of the Court of Salta, Gustavo Ferrari, Capellan's arch-enemy, ordered his cousin, Judge Perez to elevate the case to trial, despite being prescribed and void, but now the indictment is new the record. Next year 2010 marks seven years since Roberto Elio Gareca, using Chavarria, denounced Guillermo Capellan and so far everything said by Councilman came true. 


Court Minister Gustavo Ferrari

The question circulating around Salta is whether curses really exist and if the former Peronist Councilman practiced esotericism because so far nothing is casual and as time goes on all the people said: "Still the curses and predictions of Councilman Capellan come true"


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